Ajos del Valle's Production

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First quality garlic production from San Juan, Argentina

Our company is one of the most important in the production and export of First Quality Garlic

Do you want to know why?

We do our own garlic production, which increases every year. At the moment we have 80 has of garlic plantation.

The quality and size of our garlic is unique due to the climatic conditions and the valley where the garlic is grown, being this a privilege in our country.

In order to eliminate any kind of virus our seed is carefully analyzed by scientists.

We do a continuous monitoring of the production processes which allows us to identify the products from its origin to the export. The monitoring consists of taking notes in every stage of the production so the product has a history that shows all the testing that have been done.


We are constantly including state of the art technology in our production processes making our product more valuable.

We also certify GLOBALGAP standards through IRAM.

We are recognized and our experience backs us up to export first quality garlic all over the world