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First quality garlic from San Juan, Argentina

Ajos del Valle is headquartered in Tulum Valley in the province of San Juan, Argentina


Ajos del Valle is headquartered in Tulum Valley, in the province of San Juan, Argentina.

Tulum and Zonda Valleys, called the central valleys, are located at the center-south region of San Juan. They represent the 88% of the cultivated surface and together they constitute the area of most agricultural, economic and population importance of the province.

This area is framed among the arid areas as desert like mainly due the low precipitation; the precipitation average is of 92.7 mm per year.

The wind processes and the sediments of the surrounding mountains provide the land materials which came from the transportation and sedimentation of San Juan River.

The irrigation of the crops is provided by San Juan River, through the water storage in Ullum Dam and to a minor extent by the water extraction from underground aquifers.


These valleys are characterized by a high solar radiation, there are only up to 36 cloudy days per year, which favors the annual crop growing.

The average relative humidity value is of 54% which diminishes the attack of pests and illnesses; therefore the use of pesticides is reduced.